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To this day, women still carry most of the household burden, like paying the bills and doing 28+ more hours a week on housework and care. Time poor and at their wits end, women need something simple, low touch and effective to boost their finances. And no, another f*#king financial literacy webinar is NOT the answer.

Bree, however – is.

Along came Bree

Two mothers, Mireille and Carolina, founded Bree as they, like many women, felt they were only just making it to the end of the day alive and sane. Who has the time for budget spreadsheets and a financial literacy webinar while working full time to keep up with the ever-increasing cost of living, all while multi-tasking diaper changes, feeds, tantrums, managing a household, and attempting to maintain some level of hygiene, dignity, social life and sanity? 

What we need to do is take things off their hands! Automate the automatable and take away menial tasks that, while important, can be deferred to an Al algorithm.

Alice was the icing on the cake of the all femme executive trio. Alice brings her experience of turning her life and finances around when she catapulted herself from addictions and financial hardship to freedom. She knows financial stress far too well and her mission is to empower others to avoid falling down the financial rabbit hole.

Meet our People

Find your people – those who share your passion for bettering the world, those who carry each other, those who are there because they genuinely want to be, those who use their super powers for the greater good.

These are our people.

Mireille Boutros

CEO & Co-Founder

Mireille was a born entrepreneur, starting her first side hustle when she was 14 and going on to manage, create or work on dozens more projects in the years that followed. She started her own user-centred digital media agency at the age of 22, built one of Australia’s first Conversion Rate Optimisation boutiques, and created a driving business to provide secure ongoing employment for her immigrant parents.

She has more than 17 years of experience as an entrepreneur and investor including ground roots involvement in Fintech-driven ventures such as MoneyBrilliant (which was sold to AMP then bought by Westpac), money coaching site Best Financial Friend, The Institute of Money Coaching, social savings app Ambr and now Bree.

The hard-working mum-of-two, whose family emigrated from Lebanon, also mentors women in start-ups for Rare Birds, and prides herself on having a career, fulfilling her passions and being a full time mum, with the hope that Bree will make it possible for more women to ‘have it all’.

Carolina Flores

Chief Marketing Officer

Born and raised in Mexico, Carolina has a unique perspective on personal finance and how women in different parts of the world and socio-economic environments manage their finances. She has brought this perspective and her expertise in marketing and business growth to many not-for-profit and international companies such as Credit Union Foundation Australia which helped empower impoverished people in Cambodia, as well as social savings app Ambr, which was inspired by the women in her family who band together with their community to manage their financial responsibilities.

Carolina is a new mother who juggles a job at AusBiz with ongoing work on Ambr and Bree.

Alice Crawley

Chief Expansion Officer

Rounding out the female leadership team at Bree is Alice - a transformation leader, speaker and executive coach, who empowers others on their path to personal and financial freedom through the same techniques she used to dramatically change her self-worth and net worth.

Alice literally wrote the book on how to get out of debt. In her self-published autobiography - On the way to Wonderland, Alice’s journey from financially f*cked to freedom - Alice shares her incredible story of tripling her salary in less than a year to pay off $185,000 in credit card debt, all while battling myriad addictions and mental health challenges.

Pete Lord

Business Development Director

Pete is passionate about helping people, creating businesses and identifying the best solutions for businesses.

He is a strong believer in the power of digital innovation and has founded 6 start-ups over 10 years all of which place a high value on personal service.

From idea development, customer research, product development, product-market fit, commercialisation, digital marketing, partnerships and business development, capital raise and successful exits through to working extensively with financial services providers, large and small, to improve efficiencies and customer experience through the implement of digital solutions.

Pete's key strengths are connecting the right people to the right opportunities, problem solving, development and implementation of digital solutions.

Pete is also passionate about writing and making movies and was lucky enough to write and produce his first short film Picking Up in 2016.

Esteban Romero

Chief Operations Officer

Born and raised in Chile, South America, Esteban’s relationship with money returns to his childhood, when his father suffered from bank corruption after his family business went broke. Being the youngest of three siblings, he could see how his family broke down financially and emotionally from money struggles.

Having a medical background, Esteban’s turning point started when he decided to see the world with his own eyes.

Being an immigrant, he has learned how to manage financial hurdles and the lack of opportunity to grow in modern society.

As Chief Operations Officer, Esteban wants to ensure Bree can deliver relief for our customers. Creating a place for everyone to heal and improve their relationship with their money.

Esteban has 12 years of experience in the healthcare industry. He is a Dental Surgeon and Trauma Informed Therapist, Cash Flow Coach, has had over 6 years of business management experience.

Tarnia Kidd

Chief Customer Advocate

Tarnia is our Chief Customer Advocate with a deep passion for understanding people and their behaviors. With a degree in Behavioral Studies, Tarnia has developed a strong foundation in psychology and human behavior, which she has used to build exceptional customer experience strategies.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of customer service, Tarnia has demonstrated a keen understanding of customer needs and behaviours.

As Chief Customer Advocate, Tarnia is committed to creating a customer-centric culture at Bree. Her passion for understanding people and their behaviours is evident in her approach to customer service, which is based on empathy, communication, and a deep commitment to understanding customer needs.

Tarnia is a tireless advocate for customers, and is always looking for ways to improve their experience. With her extensive experience in customer service, Tarnia is uniquely equipped to create and implement strategies that drive business growth while also fostering positive relationships with customers. Her dedication to understanding people and why they do what they do makes her a valuable asset to any organization looking to build a customer-centric culture.

Meet our Partners

1derful, an Australian-based global fintech, has partnered with Mastercard to enable brands of all sizes to offer their customers contemporary credit, debit, and prepaid products. Incorporating the latest digital services that touch all aspects of the customer journey and Mastercard's innovations and solutions help individuals, financial institutions, Governments, and businesses realise their greatest potential. With connections across more than 210 countries and territories, Mastercard and 1derful are building a sustainable world that unlocks priceless possibilities for all.

Compare & Connect is one of Australia's leading Utility Connection and Comparison platforms. They are a one-stop shop to help consumers make better-informed decisions about various services – including gas and electricity plans, telecommunication services, Broadband and moving services.
Since its inception, Compare & Connect have processed cumulatively over 500,000
services which include Electricity, Gas, Broadband, Phone, Pay TV and Water services.

Accurassi is a technology business that works with energy retailers, governments and banks. They are the trusted leader in digitised customer acquisition for the energy market. Accurassi's vision is to be the world's most customer-focused energy tech company, designed for our net-zero future. By leading with automated consent data sharing (Consumer Data Right) and our subscription data services, we will help energy retailers, and financiers provide guidance and personalisation for homes to transition to zero carbon. Accurassi's impact will be measured by reducing carbon emissions at home.

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