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To interest, we say NO. ??

Bree doesn’t do interest. Never ever.

To late fees, we say SEE YA! ??

Australians are forking out over $280 million in late fees a year with the average late fee at $24. You don’t have to worry about all that now that you’ve found Bree.

People saved between $350 – $970?

Bree does all the leg work to help you find a better deal on your utility bills. All you need to do is authorise the switch. So not only does Bree save you time and sanity by doing the shopping around for you, she also saves you MONEY!

Bree, the app that’s all heart ?

So you know your gym membership? The one you never use but they keep charging you anyway? That’s just not how Bree rolls. If you subscribe and don’t end up paying your bills with Bree, our team will get in touch and help you cancel your subscription.

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